Friday, September 10, 2010

lets release.

My life is cluttered.

I close the shutters.
I wipe away tears that roll down my dear neck.

i close the closet and pick up the bucket, as i call my aunt Luise. I write down all the silly things i need to do and pretend all is happening as so. There is no wonder to what there is but i wonder if i'm wondering all the wrong things. "Let see!" i say "let's wonder in a different way."wonder Up and Then wonder Sides call Left and Right, then maybe we can even explore wondering the wonders of the south." The South! they all gasped, "Why yes dears the very bottom south. Well lets see here where your wondering minds will take you too, you dont have to go in a straight line you see, you can crisscross your way anywhere that you may wonder anywhere is. You will find something somewhere.
"Well Lets see if i can wonder up some memories from the far east where the words i spoke made no sense because we spoke different tongues you see. Our tongues you see where of different kinds some where wide and some had sides of different shades, oh I've seen some pretty colored tongues in my days.